I trained in London as a Graphic Designer and Ilustrator, subsequently qualifying for membership of  The Chartered Society of Designers. ( MCSD ) My   long   and   successful   career   took   me   around   Europe   and   to   America, designing   for   many   High   Street   names   and   other   prestigious   companies, gaining many awards along the way, including: "Best Design Programme" The Designers and Art Directors Association London 1981. Twice winner of "Grand Prix de Qualité" for Product Presentation, Salon International D’Alimentation  Paris 1976 and 1986. Various "Starpack" awards The Institute of Packaging 1978 - 1987 "The Good Taste in Glass Award" for Preserves Jar Design The Glass Manufacturer’s Association London 1984 The Queen’s Award for Export. Won in 1991 by Elsenham Quality Foods The Elsenham Board of Directors acknowledging the Design contribution, nominated me to attend the reception at Buckingham Palace where I was received by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Now   retired,   I      live   on   the   South   Coast   of   England,   doing   what   I   have always   wanted   to   do,   that   is   to   paint.         I   delight   in   painting   in   great   detail.   I paint   in   oils   on   canvas   or   board   using   glazing   techniques   similar   to   those used   by   the   17th   Century   Dutch   artists,   a   technique   that   enables   me   to produce   an   exciting   depth   of   colour   particularly   noticeable   in   my   paintings of fruit.
Modern Realistic Oil Paintings Better by Design David Fright MCSD